The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Friendship


  1. Well done!

  2. COLEMAN! so good.

  3. LOVE it. Great story. Thanks for this, Coleman.

  4. This is wonderful Coleman! Never played Zelda, but I think anyone who loves a game can easily relate to this. Great work!

  5. This comic is dope.

  6. Lovely comic! I’ve never played a Zelda game either but this is such a great tribute to it.

  7. This is beyond wonderful, Coleman! :)

  8. This comic is an abomination, link is not a homosexual

    • I think you misread. He never implied that Link was a homosexual. He’s saying he drew inspiration from the games, the adventure, the challenges, that helped him in his personal life.

      It’s amazing to go through life seeing generations of games come and go, but keeping perspective on what they taught us, how they changed us, and remember the entertainment they provided, helping us grow through the years.

      If you don’t pay attention, you end up missing tiny details which can change the entire meaning or concept. Let’s take your comment as a reminder to keep our eyes open, lest we miss something important.

    • Firstly, as the other poster said, it doesn’t imply that. Secondly, I’d like to see you draw something better. And thirdly, eat shit.

  9. Link is an elf child who has saved the world by diving to the bottom of oceans, trudging into the hearts of volcanoes and bending the fabric of time itself. He indiscriminately wore the faces of different men, women and even different species because he isn’t just a warrior for what is good, he an example of what is BEST.

  10. I was going to delete MeanMuggin’s nonsense comment, but I was advised that 1.) censorship is douchey and 2.) that “only awesome super popular things get trolls”.

  11. Coleman! This comic is incredible!! its so good in fact you got a troll! You know your in the big leagues when you pique the interest of the anonymous small-minded douche! Keep bringin us awesome comics!! And Julian bless u!

  12. This is so amazing and so beautiful. I was tearing up at work while reading it. So powerful and so right on. Thank you for this Coleman! <3

    Aww. It's a lonely troll. Should we escort it back to the narrow minded bridge it crawled out from under?

  13. Oh my gosh! This is so lovely. The colors, the line weight, the style, the pacing… Great! I emitted a loud “awwww” at the end.


    great job coleman, as usual. DOY.

    the best panel is link shoving his sword into gannons head.

  15. This is one of the best comics I’ve read in a long time. the layout is amazing, as is all the rest of the work. You have made a personal everyone’s story through Zelda. Now every time my Zelda secret text message ping goes off, I’ll think of you and this comic.

  16. Coleman. this is so cute. like… aggressively cute. I just…I can’t even. SO CUTE. and the art is SO GREAT!


    Savanna (Paulina’s little sister)

  17. just awesome.

  18. This is so fantastic! Is there anywhere else we can see this artist’s work?

    • Sure! Just go to!

  19. Oh god! It’s not like I am any expert at all but I love this. Absolutely do. Wish I could draw digitally like that – unfortunately I am a totally mess at art. Patience just ain’t a friend and feature of mine.
    But love it, really do! Keep the life, love and comics going. :)


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